【mysql】Innodb B+树如何保证数据不丢失?可靠性

In order to make the database resilient to crashes, it is common for B-tree implementations to include an additional data structure on disk: a write-ahead log (WAL, also known as a redo log WAL 保证了可靠性). This is an append-only file to which every B-tree modification must be written before it can be applied to the pages of the tree itself. When the database comes back up after a crash, this log is used to restore the B-tree back to a consistent state [5, 20].

An additional complication of updating pages in place is that careful concurrency control is required if multiple threads are going to access the B-tree at the same time —otherwise a thread may see the tree in an inconsistent state. This is typically done by protecting the tree’s data structures with latches (lightweight locks). Log structured approaches are simpler in this regard, because they do all the merging in the background without interfering with incoming queries and atomically swap old segments for new segments from time to time.

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